What is the Best Time For Doing Pranayama?

Started pranayama but not sure what is the best time to do pranayama, don't worry this post will cover all your doubts. In this post I will share with you what is the best time to do pranayama when to do pranayama, can we do pranayama at night and several other questions.  So without wasting any time lets start.

best time for doing pranayama

Best Time For Doing Pranayama?

The best time to do pranayama is in the morning. It is recommended in various ancient books that one should ideally perform pranayama in the morning one or two hours before sunrise.

Why do pranayama in the morning?

Since in the morning after waking up the body is fresh and mind clear, oxygen content in the atmosphere remains substantially higher than other hours, practicing it will provide more fresh oxygen to the body. Which ultimately heals, calm, and ensure peace in the body.

Also, as recommended pranayama is practiced on an empty stomach. That's also it is practiced in the morning. Since the last night meal got digested and stomach became empty. It is advised to clear your bowel before starting pranayama.

Can Pranayama can be done in the evening/night?

Yes, it can be, but in the evening not night. You also have to make sure you do not eat anything 4-5 hours before doing pranayama. Since pranayama requires moment of the stomach, it can cause uneasiness in the body if you eat something.

Other precautions you need to take before doing pranayama.

1- Drink water 1 hour before if you want to.
2- Don't eat anything 4-5 hours before.
3- Don't go fast. Start slowly.
4- Don't overstrain your body. If feeling tired stop the exercise.
5- Avoid some pranayamas if pregnant(eg. Kapalbhati)

So these were some of the guidelines you should keep in mind while starting out. Slowly and daily increase your pace. Remember, Rome is not built in a day. So start slow.

I hope you got answers to your question : what is the best time for doing pranayama? Conclusion-  Morning. So got up early and enjoy a bliss. Peace.

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