10 Health Benefits and Steps of Udgeeth Pranayama

Are you searching for the benefits of udgeeth pranayama, steps of udgeeth pranayama, precautions of doing udgeeth pranayama, then this post is for you. In this post, we will learn about its 10 health benefits, steps, and precautions. So, let's start.

 benefits of udgeeth pranayama

What is Udgeeth pranayama and its importance

Udgeeth Pranayama is an easy breathing exercise or workout. It is also called as "Omkar chanting". This is very simple pranayama and a kind of meditation practice. The person receives many physical and spiritual benefits by performing the udgita pranayama in the morning every day. The opening pranayama relieves anxiety, guilt, malice, sorrow, and fear.
The practice of this pranayama increases meditation power. The person becomes fearless and confidence is increased. The blood circulation process in the body starts running properly, due to which the person experiences a divine glowing glow on the face.

Udgeeth pranayama helps in concentration and removes any mental fatigue. The spiritual power of chanting aum helps one to be much closer to the divine.

It is one of the most popular pranayamas that is available to mankind and a boon to those who are suffering from mental diseases.

How to do/Steps of doing Udgeeth pranayama

  1. First of all, sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana by laying a mat in a clean, dry place.
  2. Now through nasal, take a deep long breath and take a breath slowly.
  3. Now chant ॐ while exhaling slowly.
  4. While doing this pranayama it is very important to focus on breathing. Because it is related to meditation.
  5. When exhaling with Omkar chanting, then try to stretch its time from fifteen to twenty seconds, according to your power.

Video Showing Udgeeth pranayama by baba Ramdev Ji

Benefits of Udgeeth pranayama

Although there are so many health benefits of the Udgeeth pranayama, I am listing the important ones here only.
  1. Increases positivity - Positivity increases and the atmosphere becomes pleasant.
  2. Increases memory - Udgeeth Pranayama is best to increase memory power.
  3. For concentration - Concentration and resolving power increase with the Udgeeth pranayama.
  4. Cures mental problems - All problems such as mental tension, disease, anxiety, and fear are overcome by practicing the pranayama.
  5. Removes sleeplessness - The practice of pranayama is best for relieving problems such as sleeplessness, poor sleep, sudden sleep disturbance, nightmares, etc.
  6. Cures stomach problems - Gas, acidity and other stomach diseases are overcome by the Udgeeth pranayama.
  7. For BP - the Regular practice of Udgith Pranayama is beneficial in high blood pressure.
  8. Cures nervous problems - Practicing this pranayama removes all the problems related to the nervous system.
  9. In pregnancy - Pregnant women benefit greatly from the practice of this pranayama as it leads to normal delivery.
  10. Reduces depression - Daily practice of Udgeeth pranayama is also helpful in curing depression.

Precautions while doing Udgeeth pranayama

Although this pranayama is considered safe for all, some precautions should also be taken.
  1. The duration of breathing in and out of the body should be prolonged.
  2. Patients should always do this pranayama under the supervision of a yoga expert.
  3. There should be a difference of at least three to five hours between the time of Udgeeth pranayama and meal.
  4. It should be practiced in the morning in the fresh air.
So these were the benefits, steps, precautions, and importance of udgeeth pranayama. I hope you like the article. If you liked the article then don't forget to share it with your friends and relatives. Thank you and happy pranayama.

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